The Freedom of dancing NeoTango

​Last Dance before Summer Break

​June 22nd - Amsterdam

​Last La Neo before Summer Break

Are you open to dance tango differently than you always did? Or maybe you'd rather dance in your own familiar style, but ​to different music? With La Neo we are moving the beacons. Dance tango the way you feel, open or close, still or expressive, familiar or experimental.

Everything is allowed at La Neo, everyone is welcome. ​

​So we present you one last La Neo before we go on a Summer Break.

DJ Eze and DJ Saskia will give you their most beautiful music, VJ Edgy will again let the visuals swirl around your dance.

Preceding La Neo there will be a workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci ​about Soltadas

​Soltadas are one of the characteristic moves in NeoTango. A joy to learn and certainly an enrichment to apply in the Neolanga afterwards.

Rule #1: Enjoy

At La Neo:

  • We play various kinds of music: Neo and Non Tango and every now and then a little bit of traditional
  • You will have the freedom to dance the way you like...
  • heart
    ... with your partner in close embrace, open embrace, non embrace ...
  • ... alone or with more people at the same time... 
  • ... performing any role you like, leading, following, interchanging...
  • ... with respect to all other dancers
  • You will find a friendly atmosphere...
  • ... with inspiring DJ's...
  • ... and awesome Visuals
  • You can participate in workshops by leading Neo Tango teachers

At La Neo we have:

  • No compulsory cabaceos
  • No tandas
  • No cortinas

You dance as long as you want
How you feel it
With whom you want

With as many people as you like

Rule #2: Enjoy even more Together

Edition of ​May 25th​: La Neo - ​Last Dance before Summer Break

100% Neolonga with DJ Eze & DJ Saskia

The program:
20.00 - 21.00: Workshop​: Le Neo- ​Soltadas by Ezequiel Sanucci​
21.00 - 02.00: Salon

Workshop: €15
Salon: €10

Workshop & salon: €20

Borgerstraat 112, 1053 PX Amsterdam

Dates 2019:

​March 23
​April 27
​May 25
​June 22

June 22
NeoTango workshop: ​​​​Soltadas

By Ezequiel Sanucci ​

​Soltadas means "released". We release the embrace or just part of it but we definitely keep the connection. This is a very characteristic movement used in Neotango and there are many different kinds of Soltadas. In this workshop you will learn different types of Soltadas, how to lead them and follow them, how to keep the connection in this moment and how to get back to the embrace. You will also learn to apply this possibilities to neo and non tango music, that you can afterwards enjoy dancing at La Neo. Learning Soltadas will enrich your Neotango vocabulary and it will make your dance more playful and fun.

​* For this workshop you need a partner. Please apply as a couple or for our waitinglist​ for a partnermatch

La Neo: it's all about you off course! Only together with you La Neo will be the place where we dance, discover and meet...

La Neo is an initiative by Ezequiel and Saskia. We both love Tango with all our heart. Coming from that love and passion we noticed a need for a Neolonga pur sang. The kind we would like to dance in ourselves and we would love to meet you. The Neolonga that is about NeoTango and your unique way to dance it.

Ezequiel Sanucci initiatiefnemer La Neo Amsterdam. De 100% Neolonga van Nederland

Ezequiel Sanucci

Saskia Frankena

Really, we do love to hear from you.
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